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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keks ( Waffle Cookies)

Growing up my mom would often make these little waffle cookies that we would call Keks. 

They're a buttery, slightly sweet little waffle cookie that we'd snack especially during car rides somewhere. 

Well, now it's my turn to make this delicious treat for my family. I like to use this old fashioned waffle maker that I purchased at a thrift store because the little squares that create that waffle look are a lot smaller then my Belgium waffle maker and give it a nicer look.

If you'd like the recipe then please scroll down.


Keks ( Waffle Cookies )

1 ¼      cups   white sugar
5          cups   flour
5                      eggs
1          tsp.     baking soda
1          cup     butter, room temperature

1.     Preheat the waffle maker
2.     Mix all ingredients together to make a nice smooth dough
3.     Form the dough into balls (  approx. 1” diameter) or as big or small as you’d like
4.     Cook in waffle maker until golden brown

5.     Cool on wire rack

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