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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being Creative!

This summer has been a cool one. As much as I don't enjoy the heat/humidity I can honestly say that I miss it. I miss it because our summers are so brief and our winters so long! 
Today is a cloudy day and it rained a bit this morning and I feel like I need some sunshine today... or a lot more coffee!!:)

These past few days have felt more like Autumn, which by the way is my favourite season! The girls have been playing outside a lot and we've been doing a bit of school work. 

In-between playing outside, chores and school work the girls have been spending their time playing with modeling clay. They love to use their imagination to create little things, like animals and people. 

Below is a Pet Shop with puppies. They have a comfy dog bed, a bowl full of food and a large bag of dog food that will keep them happy for a while!:)

This family below is enjoying their day at the market. They have the choice of coconuts, carrot cake, berries and blueberry coffee cake.

This family below lives in a tree house with their pets. They've been busy collecting bananas and oranges!

Chickens with their eggs!

A horse eating hay and a pig enjoying the mud!

I love providing my girls with items such as this modeling clay that will inspire them to use their imagination! I think it's so important for children in this day and age to use their creativity especially when electronics are so popular and seem to take over!

Have a wonderful day!


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