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Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday's Bike Ride

Our family really enjoys going on bike rides. Now that all the girls can ride two wheelers and can keep up, we really like to go biking. We like to try different trails and of course stop along the way to take some photos.
I'm actually surprised with the way the photos turned out. It was really dark along this trail because of all the trees and I was worried that even with the flash I wouldn't have enough light but I have to say that I was pretty please with the results!
This is the St. Jacobs trail and it's about 3 km one way. The girls have absolutely no problem riding it especially since the trail is dirt packed and straight. The only problem that we faced was since it was Saturday, there were a lot of people walking along the trail too and the trail is pretty narrow with a creek running along side it on one side and then on the other side there are areas where it drops off pretty steep. This made the girls nervous sometimes but they did great! 
When we finished our bike ride one of my sisters met us there. She had come to pick up N for a sleepover. After they left we headed over to the little caboose for an ice cream treat!
I'm looking forward to our next biking adventure!



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