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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Glasses!!

My Father and sister-in-law were visiting us from Serbia from Monday until today.
Paul drove them back to Ohio where they're staying with one of Paul's brothers until their departure on Monday. We were all very excited when they called to tell us that they were coming. The girls really wanted their grandpa and aunt to see the chickens and the dog Cleo.
We have been married for 10 years now and it's their first time visiting in all those years. I think they had a great time and hopefully won't wait another ten years to visit!

So, about a month we ordered C a new pair of glasses. Her prescription changed and her glasses were now too strong for her so it was good timing that her frame broke and was unable to be fixed because she was really wanting different frames and those were looking worn out.
Yesterday the two of us headed out to pick them up finally. She loves them and I think they look great on her. The frame is a deep plum color and has little hearts on the ear pieces.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh my!! She just grew up with that change of frames! Sooo lovely!

  2. Her glasses were too strong? So vision can improve? Do you think I am too late for that?

  3. I think so too Martha. She looks very grown up:)

  4. @JPS - Yes, her glasses were too strong. Vision can improve. Mine did too. It's crazy that at 33 my vision changed and I need a weaker prescription. I'm convinced that it's all the green smoothies we were drinking. You never know.

  5. Love your glasses Chloe! Love you?



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