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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bunch of Munsch Field Trip

I think I was in grade 5 or 6 when our school went over to the Catholic school next door to listen to a live reading by Robert Munsch! I remember loving it and loving his really silly and sometimes weird books as a kid.
When my girls were really small and couldn't read yet I would read them the few Robert Munsch books that we had at home like Mortimer and I Love You Forever. We'd sign Robert Munsch books out from the library once in a while. My favorite one is Mortimer! Loved it! Love it still:)
Well, the museum in Guelph has a Bunch of Munsch program that runs every Friday (I believe it's still running) and someone from our homeschooling KWCHEA group organized a field trip so the girls and I went and enjoyed it. Unfortunately Robert Munsch wasn't there for any reading but we had some nice guy that works at the museum read to us!
Here are some photos of the girls along with some other kids from our church:)
Do you have a favorite Robert Munsch book?



  1. Can you read "I Love You Forever" without crying??? I can't. It gets me everytime.

    1. The part that gets me is when he goes to his mom's house when he's a grown man and picks her up, rocks her and sings to her. I hope my girls will take care of me when I'm old!:)

  2. The boys are really into Robert Munsch. Me, not so much. I'm not a fan of his style, but like JPS said, I can NOT read "I Love You Forever" without crying, especially at the grown man part. The boys would always stare at me when I got to that page to see if I would cry or not.


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