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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A school trip to Filsinger's Organic Apple Farm

This past Wednesday R's Sk class and N's Jk class went to Filsinger's Apple Farm on a field trip. The weather was cold, windy, rainy and N was still not feeling well but was really excited to go so after I gave her some Advil and we were off. R's teacher asked me to help out and I was the group leader for R and three of her friends. Even though it wasn't a cheerful day we still enjoyed ourselves on the hay ride through the apple orchard. After the hay ride we went on a tour inside and we able to watch how they washed and sorted the apples and how they made the apple cider vinegar. Later we  were treated with some apple cider, apple slices and some crackers and apple butter. Yum:)

R being silly.

In the big fridge. It had boxes and boxes full of apples!

Our little group. So cute:)

N with her best friend

The few apples that our group picked. We had to make sure that the stem was still on the apple after it was picked or the apple would rot quickly. Hmm.. we learned something new.

A high reach for N
Lots of fun.

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