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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What a lovely morning, again! The girls have been playing outside since 8am ( almost an hour now) and I'm enjoying my coffee and this book.

This is the newest book by Anna Maria Horner. A mother to 6 children. She designs her own fabric and wrote this book! Wow! my hero!!

There are many beautiful sewing projects in her book. She lists them in chapters. Mama sewing, baby sewing, family sewing and nest sewing! Love the book. This Here we go bag caught my eye. I love the size of it and the fabric in the picture is enough to inspire me:) I just purchased some gorgeous fabric online... now just having to wait... oooohhh, it's killing me! Okay, enough of that. While the kids are outside I'm going to make some bread. My recipie is on this blog. Check it out. it's soooooo yummy and easy!

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