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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scissor Fun!

My kids love cutting paper (and hair) with scissors! There's something fun about creating gazillion bits of paper that float, fly and get thrown everywhere!!
R really enjoying herself, even chopped up some flash cards!!
This mess gets dragged into the hallway and livingroom! As you can see I'm well stocked with cardboard boxes that I'm storing against that wall. Moving day is coming up...
A close up! Notice the lingura too! hahah:) for those of you that know what that is;)

Ruby Lou Dollies

I came across this really cute pattern of the Ruby Lou Dolls by Sew Much Ado and had to make some for my little girls!! They are super easy to make and sooo cute! I'm planning on making one for my neice and a few more for gifts!

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