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Thursday, September 9, 2010

C's First Day of School

So, the day finally came. The day I though was years ahead and then just like that it was here. The day C starts Kindergarten. I was really praying that everything would go well because when we went to the school in June for the meet the teacher C did not want me to leave so I ended up being the only parent there. Oh, well. that didn't matter. Anyways, there were no tears on Tuesday. She was ready and happy so the departure was that much easier for me. I came to pick her up at lunch time because I wasn't sure how she would take being in SK full time right off the start. When I got to the school she told me that she wanted to stay all day so I told her that starting the next she could come all day, everyday. So far, so good! Here are some photos of C and her sisters on her first day of school.

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