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Monday, July 26, 2010

a haircut!!

After a very very long time of persuading C decided that she would get a haircut. We called Cookie Cutters which is a hair salon for children to see if they had any spots open. After confirming that they did they asked us if we wanted to donate C's hair. C wanted to right away. She wanted to be able to help little children that were sick and lost their hair and I was so proud of her. Before we left we took some before pictures...

Getting prepped up at Cookie Cutters... she was a little unsure already by this point. She was afraid that they would cut off too much. They need 10 inches for a wig and she had plenty.

Measuring out her hair...

Snip, snap off it goes, she's crying at this point. She was very scared that they had cut off too much. Being the first time she's had a hair cut it was a very big deal for her.
The whole time she was saying that she wanted us to put her hair back:( Poor kid!!
Not even after a new clip for her hair was she convinced that her haircut looked so cute and that her hair would grow back quickly.
awww! hahah, I have to laugh. She was so cute and so very sad:(

Since she was donating her hair she got her picture taken with her new haircut and the hair that was cut off and the pictures went into an album that had pictures of other little girls that donated their hair.

No more pictures. I think she's had enough. Wasn't very happy with me!

After a few new accessories she was starting to warm up to the haircut. Plus, her aunt and grandma dropped by to see and that made her happy.

A picture with mom is always a good thing too:D From there on she was showing everyone we met her new haircut and everyone lived happily ever after!

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