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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ahhhh!! Just what I needed:)

What a day today! It was barely 8 am and I was bored. The girls were finished with breakfast, the laundry finish, the dishes in the dishwasher... It was going to be a long day!! Not every day happens to be like this one and since today was that kind of day I pulled out my stuff to sew. Then around 10am the doorbell rings and there was our mail carrier with a package for me! Wooohooo!! More fabric! I'm so excited. She also told me that there's another package in the mailbox ( down the street) so, I get the kids and myself ready and head over there to pick up my other package!! More fabric!!:):) Beautiful stuff. Have a look yourself! Then off to Timmies for a coffee and back home. I have the kids upstairs down for a nap and I'm all ready to go!

Mmmm... even though is 29 degrees outside my coffee tastes ever so good. The Timmies Ice Coffee is good too and we loooooooooove Starbucks. The kids are stuck on Strawberry and Cream Frappuccinos!! This could get really expensive! Off I go then. I have a few hours before it's time to start supper... I hope you all enjoy your day!

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