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Friday, June 4, 2010

C's Kindergarten Orientation

C's Kindergarten orientation was today. She has been waiting for this day forever. (well, since we registered:) ) This morning she woke up and started singing " Today I'm going to school, today I'm going to school!" I was hoping the excitement would last till the end of the orientation but when we got there, there were a few older students to help out and they were all crowding the door. C got a bit nervous and said that she wants to wait in the hall until they move away. So, after I convinced her to go into the classroom everything went great. She went around the room looking at everything, she pickout her name tag and met another little girl with the same name. After playing for a bit they went over to the library for a short movie and then to the gym for some games and then back to the room to make a craft and shortly after it was time to leave. To finish off a lovely morning C wanted to pick me some wild flowers growing out in the front. She ran over to give them to me when she fell a scraped her knee and elbow pretty bad. sighhh...:S We made it all better with some Scooby Do bandages and went home:) The End!

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