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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahhh, finally some nice weather!

With all the cold rainy weather we've been having here I was wondering if I was going to have to bring out the kids winter coats! haha! seriously though. I was just hoping that we'd get a better summer then last year.
What a beautiful day today turned out to be. The kids headed outside right away and I went out with them. Here are a few pictures. Some of our back yard (playground and back of the house) and the others of the girls and my beautiful roses.
A shot of the back out the house. What a mess all around! Last night Rona came and delievered stone. We need to make a retaining wall in the back yard so now it's sitting there in lovely piles adding to the mess! So much work, so little time!
The kids playground after finally putting it together. It took us forever!!!! First off, the rainy weather, second, non of the wood was labled. We had to measure everything. Arrggg!! But, finally it's done! Now, we just need mulch and that area will be done!
The girls in their favourite spot. In the field behind our yard. There are lots of wild flowers and they pick them all day! I'm so lucky. I always get flowers from the girls and DH is pretty good at that too. I just got some beautiful flowers from him yesterday!!

Look at these Roses! Beautiful:):) I'm so glad that they bloomed. The ground here is very, very rocky and I was a bit worried weather my plants and trees would survive. So far, so good!

I haven't posted any sewing or knitting in a while. I've been busy and I'm also in the process of opening an Etsy shop! I will be making childrens items and selling them there! I'll let you know when everything is set up! I'm so excited. This is someting I've wanted to do in a long time!


  1. your house looks beautiful! and that roses colour is amazing! i look forward to see your work on etsy :)

  2. Hey, I want to see your Etsy shop, too! You'll be a popular one, for sure!


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