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Friday, May 28, 2010

a visit from the tooth fairy!!

So, yes, it's been way too long since I last posted but you can all imagine how busy I've been with moving into a new home and still having a lot of things to finish around the house. We've also been very busy with company as well. DH's brother came to visit us from Cali, and then dear friends and cousins came to visit the weekend after and after that we've had mainly guests for dinner and such so it's been busy but fun.

Well, in the mean time other exciting things have been happening. C lost her first tooth. I wasn't too excited when it happened. Who am I kidding, I was going crazy. I flipped out. She was eating ice cream after dinner at the table when she just got up and ran off. After calling her back I realized that she was in tears and she told me her tooth fell out. So, after searching for her little microscopic tooth I automatically put it in a glass of milk not even looking at it while I comforted her. I know baby teeth fall out. I thought it happened around 7-8 years old. C is only 5 , so you can understand. She later told me that her tooth has been loose for a long time and she was always wiggling it. Even with brushing her teeth I didn't notice. Am I crazy?? I didn't even consider it. I went online to see when kids teeth fall out and some kids loose their teeth as early as 4 years old. They say the sooner they get them the sooner they fall out. C had all her teeth by a year. A week later her other tooth became loose and I ended up pulling it out. She's my big girl now. The tooth fairy made two visits already and with the rate she's going the tooth fairy will go bankrupt soon!!:P
Here's a pic of C with two empty spaces (actually, you can see a new tooth growing in on the right). so cute!!

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